Aphrodisiacs are not erectile pills

  • 11, 29, 2018
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A lot of men believe, that when they take drugs like Viagra or Valif 20 mg, they will suddenly have a massive erection for the rest of their http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheStoic days. These myths are spread by the teenage movies and they are falsely describing one of the mankind’s best cures. Erectile tablets contain PDE5 inhibitors, which are influencing blood cells in your body to release the tension and let more blood flow into the penis and thus making it hard as hell. They will influence them, but just like we describe, they will release tension, they will not cause arousal. IF you want to cause sexual arousal, you should try products that are named aphrodisiacs or have the ability to make the person targeted aroused.

It’s all about the erection

The best characteristic and ability of the erectile tablets is in their influence. Why would anyone want a boner for six hours, when you can have a strong and stable erection when the right time comes and then puff, you have your good old numb penis again. It might happen that your penis will stay erected even after you ejaculate, if something like this happens, you should visit your local doctor, because there is some problem.